Imagine having no arms in a Shark Tank. Huh? 🙂
Man am I excited!!!  I have just confirmed that Kevin Harrington from the
original Shark Tank is going to be a special guest at my event next week
April 22, 23.
That’s not all! Flying an airplane can be quite a challenge. But imagine
becoming a pilot and having no arms. I’m not kidding.
Jessica Cox, no relation, was born with no arms and is the only pilot in
the world in such a class. And you think you challenges..mmm. 🙂
We’re looking forward to hearing from these amazing people and more
importantly what they can do to improve our lives. I know you’ll enjoy
today’s video to find out more.
If you haven’t gotten your tickets now is the time. Oh, and we have ONE
more Sandals Resorts package left in our promotion to give away for any
person or group that purchases 10 tickets. That’s a $2000 value!  If you
want it reach out ASAP and someone on my team will get with you.