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“I have never experienced so much buzz at an event or received so much positive feedback on a speaker – ever! Don’t make the mistake I almost did – hire Gary today!”

Why Book Gary Coxe?

Gary has an incredible story of tragedy to triumph. He endured the murder of his father, finding out that his child wasn’t really his, losing his grandfather and stepfather to cancer, and having an uncle killed in a plane crash … by the time he was only 21.

He became obsessed with learning how to move forward and putting his past in his past. Gary states, “When you do that, life takes on a whole new meaning and it’s what I love showing people how to do. I empower people to remove the blocks in their lives.”

"In 16 Years Booking Events, I Have Never Experienced
So Much Buzz At An Event Or Received So Much Positive
Feedback On A Speaker– Ever!"

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What other's saying

“Blown away! Nobody explained the ideas he had in such a clear way. This is a whole other level.”

“I have a masters and worked on a doctorate at Harvard and have studied many systems of self-help, etc. Gary is the best. He is tremendously knowledgeable and connects superbly with his audience.”

“­Wow! What an awesome experience. When Gary tells you it will be one of the most powerful, life transforming programs you will ever witness, he means it – and more importantly – he delivers it!

I’ve been in this business for over 16 years employing multiple speakers each year and I’ve never seen anyone have a bigger impact on an audience. If you are looking for the ultimate in audience engagement and participation, this is it! If you are looking for something new, exciting and different from your typical motivational speaker, this is it!

If you want to bring emotion, drama and impact to your event, this is it! We were on the edge of our seats with anticipation the entire time – in fact, the feeling stayed with us throughout the event. I have never experienced so much buzz at an event or received so much positive feedback on a speaker – ever! Don’t make the mistake I almost did – hire Gary today!”

“Gary Coxe is not only a rare pro at what he does but a rare pro at how he does it. "Interventions" mean nothing and "actions" supersedes everything! With Gary, you get action that leads to production, change, & progressive results...What more could you ask for?

For 30 years in business & 6 years in the sports profession, I have never witnessed a more "change" based seminar! Everyone talks a great game but Gary delivers!

If your goal is to see real change & immediate change - real results & immediate results - Gary Coxe is your man!!”

“Totally a life changing event!”

“Gary totally changed my perspective on success but most importantly helped me prioritize the actions and thoughts necessary for success.”

“An absolutely amazing mentor/trainer. He gets to the bottom of problems and causes to help people get results in everyday situations!”

“Gary is one of the most effective leaders in helping us to understand and implement immediate behavior changes to maximize our performance.

His clear communication really helps us to stop letting others rent space in our heads which helps us to reach our true God given potential.

His systems are simple and direct for implementing immediate change. I recommend everyone to consider Gary Coxe as a change agent for greater success in all areas of business and life!”

“Excellent! No nonsense! In my 32 years in real estate I have not had a better, more beneficial speaker EVER! Thank you Gary Coxe!”

”You really blew my mind!”

“I have seen and heard many speakers. Gary simplified it. Truly amazing.”

“This experience absolutely changed everything about the way I run my business and life now.”

“I was impressed with your knowledge of how we think and more impressed and astounded with your plan to help us rethink!”

“This is truly a transformational event! I keep reviewing and reading my notes and re-reading and implementing. Love this event!”

“Amazing! Very Amazing!”

“I want to thank Gary Coxe for all that he does to improve people’s lives! The work he does with people is amazing. It’s not something I can explain to you. You have to experience it yourself!”

“Invigorating, common sense solutions. He is awesome.”

“Deep and conscious self review. Your program is just great.”

"We've had speakers at Expo that Gary Coxe would dance circles around. Highly recommended for sales people.”

“Words don’t do justice for what this event does. It’s the best ‘aha’ experience ever.”

“Absolutely one of the best speakers ever.”

“If Gary cannot get through to you, no one will be able.”

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