“I have never experienced so much buzz at an event or received so much positive feedback on a speaker – ever! Don’t make the mistake I almost did – hire Gary today!”

Maria’s Powerful Transformation

What are leaders saying about Gary Coxe

Lots of people know what they need… Gary Coxe shows you how to get it! Gary’s thought process is one to admire and to achieve. Handling big business means changing your mindset, and Gary leads the way.

Gary Coxe is not only a rare pro at what he does but a rare pro at how he does it. ‘Interventions’ mean nothing and ‘action’ supersedes everything! With Gary, you get action that leads to production, change & progressive results… What more could you ask for?

Gary has developed an uncanny ability to take people to the next level, whether they want to improve their life, their sales, or their business. Gary definitely has it figured out. Well done!

While other speakers say, “Change the way you’re thinking – Break through your fears and limitations – Change your story – etc…”

Gary goes far beyond and shows you HOW do to it!

He does this through his four-step process that you will witness in short as he works with Maria, an audience member who he randomly selected to join him on stage.

This process is NOT about reversing a phobia. It is about dramatically changing your value and belief system, which YOU can use for changing ANY limiting belief!

Gary uses the phobia reversal in his Power of Transformation keynote presentation as a tangible demonstration of how his process works … and its incredible effectiveness.

“What I want is to have lives changed and a real experience […] Gary captivated the stage. I would have liked to given him 4X the amount of time” ~ Dave Benson

“This man has changed my life in 30 minutes!” ~ Michelle Listen to more of what Michelle has to say after experiencing Gary’s presentation

World-Renowned Business & Life Strategist, and Bestselling Author

Behind the methods and techniques:

Gary has an incredible story of tragedy to triumph. He endured the murder of his father, finding out that his child wasn’t really his, losing his grandfather and stepfather to cancer, and having an uncle killed in a plane crash … by the time he was only 21.

He became obsessed with learning how to move forward and putting his past in his past. Gary states, “When you do that, life takes on a whole new meaning and it’s what I love showing people how to do. I empower people to remove the blocks in their lives.”

Becoming a regular on Dr. Phil’s show,
“The Doctors” and working with celebrities on the show:

Results, results, results! Gary’s brought in to show people how to quickly transform their thought processes. In sales and business, it’s all about maintaining the right thought processes, even after we’ve been knocked down. If we have the tools, we can create fast, lasting changes to create fast RESULTS. Who doesn’t want that?

What other leaders are saying about Gary Coxe?

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