Keys to the Art of Effective Teaching and Communicating


Keys to the Art of Effective Teaching and Communicating

Keys to the Art of Effective Teaching and Communicating

It has been said that the meaning of your communication is the response that you receive. There is a lot of wisdom in that statement. Perhaps the most important point that I have taken away from this thought is that if I want to get a message across to someone, their level of understanding is up to me – not them.

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I will begin by sharing with you methods to dramatically accelerate your ability to learn and what you can do to become a more effective communicator. To be an effective teacher we must first understand how people actually learn.

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In this lesson, I will take you to the next level in the learning process. We’ll focus on three key areas that are a must in effective learning – perceptions, insights and motivation. These three factors are important in all areas of life, from improving your relationships to increasing your income.

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Although it may be common sense that effective communication involves your audience understanding your message, this is not always easily accomplished.You must have what is described as the “transfer of learning”. Teaching is great, however, changing another’s behavior through your teaching should be one of your ultimate goals. This is a learned skill and I will share with you four ways to master it.

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In the previous lesson I shared with you the importance of understanding the source, the symbol and the receiver.Have you ever tried communicating something to someone over and over but they just didn’t seem to get it? Isn’t it frustrating? Do you know the real reason why this happened? Recall the statement, “the meaning of your communication is the response that you get.” Herein lies the reason people do not understand what we are saying – it is simply confusion between the symbol and the things symbolized.

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If you are ever in the role of teaching a class you’ll find this lesson very valuable. In this phase of the program we will discuss countless ways to enhance your teaching skills and increase their effectiveness.

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One of the best ways to measure the effectiveness of what you have taught, lets say in a classroom environment, is to provide some kind of test. Creating the right tests will make the difference between comprehensive learning and ineffective learning. Your motive in teaching should be the transfer of knowledge that allows your students to apply what they have learned. If this is not accomplished you have wasted your time and efforts. I will offer you four effective ways to do this. These are simple but very effective.