Who is Gary Coxe?

Gary started his whirl-wind of a life that was almost a fairy tale. As a child he was actually raised in Kingston, Jamaica where he was born. Growing up in a beautiful tropical island, learning to swim in rivers, playing in the waterfalls that come rushing out of the mountains, fishing and spending weekends on a coffee farm that his father had bought was an up-bringing that he just can’t forget.

His family has been in Jamaica for over one hundred years and is still there up to this day. He tries to get back home at least once a year or more. People often wonder why he doesn’t have a strong Jamaican accent. He is what they call in Jamaica, ‘Jamerican’. Half Jamaican and half American if you will. When he is with his family and in Jamaica the accent is back in full swing.

What brought him to the United States was the unfortunate divorce of his parents. He is one of four siblings. His sister and he stayed with their mother, while his two brothers stayed with his father.

His mother remarried and life changed dramatically after that. His mother’s husband was very jealous of their close relationship and the mental abuse by him was almost unbearable. This was his first lesson in dealing with someone who played mind games with others. His life style, living with her new husband, and the life style he had in Jamaica was so different. A culture shock for sure.

With his ‘new life’ he saw the usual struggle to work for a living and living from paycheck to paycheck. His mother’s husband was in his late fifties and worked as hard at that age as he did as when he was a teenager. He personally did not want to live like that. When he died of cancer he was penniless which left his mother in a financial mess.

Gary learned some interesting lessons from all this. Most of the men on his father’s side of his family were very successful financially. Their thinking was different and so were their attitudes.

Gary started his first business when he was 11 years old and his second business when he was 15 years old. His second business was in the jewelry trade. By age 17 he had his own fine jewelry store and was making over $100,000 a year. At a very young age Gary discovered that he has a passion to teach. He loved to teach and transfer his knowledge or skills to others. He loved what he was doing so much that he nearly dropped out of high school.

He had developed techniques in the jewelry trade that were unprecedented. He was able to teach someone who had no experience as a jeweler to repair gold chains in less than an hour. They were able to repair jewelry better than a jeweler who had been doing it for years. He knew he had developed an acute ability to teach others and shave days, weeks, or years off the learning curve.

Gary success was short lived though. After he had gotten married, his wife told him that their baby really isn’t his. His father was murdered. He also lost his $100,000 a year business. He couldn’t cope, nor did he know how to, as he was overwhelmed with all those tragedies. This is only half of his story. He was an emotional wreck, on medication and at times drinking very heavily. He had hit rock bottom.

Gary chose to become his own ‘Doctor and Patient’. He wanted to learn to play games with his mind instead of it playing games with him (if he could only get a grip on his thought process). One thing he knew, the negative feelings and emotions he has now were different from the feelings and emotions he had before with all those tragedies.

Why? There is one reason and one reason only. He had been a product of his past experiences, which he allowed to affect his thinking, mind, feelings and emotions. He had experienced in three years what most will never experience in a lifetime. With his faith, and a desire to move ahead, Gary started making strides to do so. He said, “If I could be successful once, I could be successful again”.

Gary had fears of falling in love and being around people. He was scared to even think of trying to be successful financially again for fear that he would just lose everything anyway. Step by step he made changes, opened his curtains to let the light in.

He changed his ‘friends’ and threw the medication away. It’s a mindset that has stayed with him till this day. He’ll be the first to tell you that moving forward is still often easier said than done. But he has learned a lot.

He began consulting with people who wanted his advice. From this point he worked on getting his message and information out to people through his CD’s and seminars. Gary soon received attention from national television producers of one-show-after-another, and things started taking off. His work was getting in front of millions of people and lives were being changed.

For some, it may be a strategy or technique that he had shared with them that has improved their lives, for others, just knowing that he had been through so much serves as an inspiration for them to keep reaching toward their goals.

He served as an advisor to CEO’s and millionaires alike in his quest to teach and share with others how to make dramatic, consistent changes in their lives and organizations, whether it is to increase sales, potential, or self-esteem.

He serves as a resource in showing others how to live an extraordinary life with lasting results by demonstrating how to change negative cycles of thinking into positive programmed conditioning. One of his abilities is curing phobias; He teaches how to overcome the fear of cold calling, fear of rejection, or procrastination, to name just a few.

Gary’s work has been seen and featured on many national and local talk shows such as The View, Inside Edition, Fox and Friends, regularly featured on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Oprah’s program, The Nate Berkus Show, Success magazine, Selling Power as well as numerous other national newspapers and magazines.

Gary has shared the stage with top speakers such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn. He has been featured in magazines such as Success, Selling Power, Network Marketing Lifestyle Magazine, Sales and Marketing Management, The Enquirer, and Networking Times.

However, Gary Coxe does not consider himself a motivational speaker, even though he is a powerful motivator. He believes that people do not want to get pumped up for just a short time, but that they want to learn how to stay pumped for life. It is Gary’s earnest desire to teach others how to condition themselves for ultimate success as he shares his self-mastery techniques.

When he’s not traveling to seminars he likes to take time and unwind in the Caribbean with close friends and family. He is very fortunate to be able to fly himself to his speaking engagements, which gives him the ability to manage his schedule and maintain the pace that he does.

He has accumulated nearly 5,000 hours of flight time. He enjoys flying everything from Lear jets to helicopters, and, He is a certified flight instructor in both airplanes and choppers. Who knows? Maybe one day he’ll get to take you flying to the Caribbean or to one of his events. It’s truly Beyond First Class!


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