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Will you miss an opportunity that’s knocking on your door? During these powerful events, I’ll help you create permanent change through specific, step-by-step processes that will enable you to achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of in any area of life!

I’ll hold nothing back. I’ll provide you with the tools that (if used – not just learned) have been proven to improve your personal and professional life, along with the lives of those you love.


Business & Life Strategist,
Best-Selling Author

Gary Coxe doesn’t consider himself a motivational speaker, even though he is a powerful motivator.  He knows that people don’t want to get pumped up for just a short time – they want tools and strategies to stay pumped up for life.

It’s Gary’s passion to teach others how to condition themselves for ultimate success as he shares his self-mastery techniques through personal coaching, Mastermind events, and his live seminars.

“Gary’s thought process is one to admire and to achieve. Handling big business means changing your mindset, and Gary leads the way.”

Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart
~ Chairman of the Board, Sandals Resorts International



Use Your Emotional Pain To Your Benefit?

How are you using your own pain and stress to exercise your mental and emotional fitness? In today's video, I'll share with you a powerful lesson about taking your past, current, and future stress, and using them to create a life of peace and success. For your tickets...

It CAN’T Always Be Fun

You always hear things like, "If you love your job, you won't work a day in your life", "Love what you do - do what you love", yada yada yada.... Now, there's some truth in those things, but IT CAN'T ALWAYS BE FUN. If it is, there's a decent chance you're not reaching...

You’re Too Easily Discouraged – STOP IT!

dis*cour*aged: ADJECTIVE - Having lost confidence or enthusiasm; disheartened How easily do you lose confidence in yourself and your ability to reach your goals? WHY do you quickly lose that enthusiasm that you had when you first set out to get results? I'll tell you...

Want More Happiness? Raise Your Tail!

I recently watched a professional animal trainer help a DOG through some of it's self-esteem issues and negative self-talk. Seem crazy? Well, find out how YOU need to take a lesson from this dog to find more happiness in today's video.

Easy Steps To Making Hard Changes

Often times we know if we made some big changes in our life, we'd find greater success and happiness. It's hard though, right?! Today, I want to give you a couple "easy" tips as to how to start making those changes you've been needing to make! If you've ever been to...

Thai Boys Go Blind In Cave!

As most know, 12 boys and their coach were recently rescued after being trapped in a cave in Thailand for over 2 weeks! After being in that environment for such a length of time, something happened to their eyes. Is something similar happening to YOU? Learn what I...

One Decision…

Take a moment to hear what some of your peers have said after making one decision to change their life.  Make yours NOW - Click HERE!

Define YOUR Greatness

You want to grow, improve, and succeed. You've made the decision to go from good to great. Now, if you're still struggling with the level of success you've achieved, perhaps you need to spend some time on something... Watch today's video to find out what that...

300 Year Old Lesson for Crisis Management

We’ve all heard it:  Never give up – Get back on the horse – Keep on keepin’ on… We know that it’s important to get back up when life knocks us down, but there’s more to it!   Unfortunately, most of us have experienced some kind of crisis, and some have been more...

TBT – Where My Father Was Murdered [HUGE Savings Today Only]

When I was a teenager my father was murdered.  A few years ago I went back to where his murder happened and shot some video. I wanted to share with you some huge lessons that changed my life as I overcame tragedy. I'll also tell you one of the top questions people ask...

Get FREE Success Videos Straight to Your Inbox