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Will you miss an opportunity that’s knocking on your door? During these powerful events, I’ll help you create permanent change through specific, step-by-step processes that will enable you to achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of in any area of life!

I’ll hold nothing back. I’ll provide you with the tools that (if used – not just learned) have been proven to improve your personal and professional life, along with the lives of those you love.


Business & Life Strategist,
Best-Selling Author

Gary Coxe doesn’t consider himself a motivational speaker, even though he is a powerful motivator.  He knows that people don’t want to get pumped up for just a short time – they want tools and strategies to stay pumped up for life.

It’s Gary’s passion to teach others how to condition themselves for ultimate success as he shares his self-mastery techniques through personal coaching, Mastermind events, and his live seminars.

“Gary’s thought process is one to admire and to achieve. Handling big business means changing your mindset, and Gary leads the way.”

Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart
~ Chairman of the Board, Sandals Resorts International



Where Do Your Sparks Come From?

In today's video I'll be sharing about the mindset that allows you to properly identify where your sparks come from and why those sparks are so important to your success. To work on keeping those sparks ignited on your way to reaching your goals, get your copy of my...

Teaching and Communication in the 21st Century

There are a few very key components to effective communication.  If you're not mastering them, there's a good chance that your business and relationships are suffering because of it.  Sharpen your communication skills and apply them to all areas of life.  Get my...

Tips For How To Believe MORE

You know all of those safety lights and cameras in cars?   They’re designed to give you a clear view of your surroundings and guide you safely as you move to your destination; but, how much do you trust and believe those features in your car?   Now, how much do you...

Is ANXIETY Controlling You?

Anxiety is said to affect over 40 MILLION adults and is the most common mental illness in the U.S. There is a LOT involved with this topic and many different opinions, mine included. Set aside 6 minutes today and really take this stuff in! If anxiety is controlling...

Is This Your Kryptonite?

The huge disadvantage to us is if we have these triggers they allow other people and things to control us. They can act like Superman's kryptonite. Now, my job is to help you to identify your own kryptonite and destroy it, so that YOU'RE in control of your life. If...

Want More Happiness? Live A Double Life!

If you master what I share with you in today's video, your whole life will change. The challenge is that most are not even aware that this is what’s causing them so much unhappiness, stress, and frustration. Your life can be miserable if you don’t figure this out!...

Want A Higher Level Of Motivation?

Have you ever experienced a 'high' or some type of ecstatic feeling when you've accomplished something truly incredible? In today's video I'll share with you what I do to sustain that feeling and simultaneously be motivated by it as well. First, we need to identify...

11 Goal Setting Videos – FREE

11 Goal Setting Videos Change Your Story Attain Your Goals Be Your own Inner Voice Accountability Driven Vs Motivated Glider Port Value And Belief Writing Them Down 1 of 3 Writing Them Down 2 of 3 Writing Them Down 3 of...

Are You A People Pleaser?

A study shows that one of the top five regrets that people have at the end of their days is that they didn't live life on their own terms. Have you ever been guilty of that? There are so many reasons why this can happen to us. In today's video I will share with you...

Watch What You Buy Into!

Have you ever been dead set on an intended goal or method to have a familiar voice in your life try to steer you in the opposite direction? It's a pretty confusing encounter, so what do you do? In today's video I'll share with you an experience I recently had with a...

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