Today I want to focus on your net worth is your network.

So do you network with a lot of the right people and it’s so important to your success and before I get into that I wanna make sure that you are a part of my millionaire mastermind.

If you go to my website, right here and right now I’m offering a special for $7 a month for two months, $7 per month. It will go a little bit more after that but you’ll meet other millionaires, you’ll meet celebrities and I’ll bring people in for Q&A and the reason this is so important to you success.

See when you we’re younger and as you get older, you hung around older people. So when you’re 20 years old, you don’t hang around seven years old people right? or kids.

The reason being is you grow and stretch but here’s what happens. When we get older as adults, if we’re not careful, we will limit our ability to succeed and grow based on the people that we hang around with because that is so much of our influence. Wouldn’t you agree?

So I want you to be thinking about some of the friends that you have, they influence you the way you want them to, are they sucking you from your dreams and joys or are they your cheerleaders and supporting you.

I remember when I made some major changes in my life, I actually wrote down a list of friends that I needed to let go because I know they are not what I want in my life. They did not take me to that next level. I need people who support me, I need people when things go bad, they don’t say things like, Gary why do you put yourself through this. I want people to say Gary tighten up, keep going, bounce through this. This is part of the game. And then on the other hand when I’m doing really well, I want people to say, hey great job, man, can you do better? You know as opposed to being, you know jealous or thinking that I’m bragging.

So I want you to think about that.

Your net worth is your network, put them together so you make sure your networking with the right people.

I’d love to have you network with me on my mastermind event. Just click here to learn more.

Looking forward in seeing you there make sure you figure out who the right networking should be with.

You know what to do. Don’t let anything or anyone rent space in your head.

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