I’m here in the cockpit we were at customs, but here’s what’s crazy? Every time when you fly privately overseas and coming to United States, you have a lot of procedures. You have to go through paperwork you have to call in advance then if you don’t call in advance they take your airplane away, put you in jail whatever they want to do, so we did our normal procedures call in advance and nobody is here. so customs have to drive from another system city an hour away.

Where am I going with this?

I could sit here for one hour and be totally pissed but you know what one thing I’ve learned, it doesn’t do anything for you now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I never get upset or pissed about things but stop and think about when we get upset about something majority of the time if not all the time getting upset usually will do nothing.

It doesn’t help you emotionally and can’t solve a problem it’s rare that getting upset helps now there are times it probably can but what I’m getting at is having the awareness of understanding you know what I could be really ticked off but what’s it gonna do if I get super mad are they gonna rush here faster not at all. ultimately I’m not letting that rent space in my head.

How many times do you allow your negative emotions to keep you from moving forward?

Rob you of your happiness?

Rob you of your ability to take massive action?

And remember the whole concept and taking action is to get results and if you allow so much to rent space in your head then you diminish or slow down or stop the ability to take massive action which then keeps you from getting more results.

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Anyway wanted to share that with you,  next time we get the chat you know what to do!

Don’t let anything or anyone rent space rent space in your head!

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