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I’ll let go of my ego and share my weaknesses if you agree to do the same.

If you’re not willing to do that, then reading this will be a waste of your time. But if you do, it could change your life!

(Please forward this to anyone who might need this.)

You probably know that elephants can be tied from their feet with a chain or even a thin rope as the other end is wrapped around a small stake that’s not very deep in the ground and yet it never goes past the length of the chain or rope.

But could it leave? Of course it could. It could bulldoze your house if it wanted to? So then, why doesn’t it?

Because it’s been programmed from an early age. When it was a baby someone wrapped the rope around its foot and tied the other end to a tree.

At that time the baby was not strong enough to pull itself from the tree so it grew up with this limitation for the rest of its life.

There isn’t a person reading this who doesn’t have this parable of a limitation. I’ll share one I had and didn’t realize it until sometime after I was ‘programmed’.

You may know some of my story. One particular situation was when my wife told me nine months after having ‘our baby’ that it really wasn’t mine! Stuff like this can mess up your mind pretty bad.

I realized later, that I had avoided holding an infant because of that painful experience.

The pain was too great. Once I had realized that this was a huge limitation in my emotional hard drive, I changed it.

You have both positive and negative behaviors that you engage in on a regular basis and don’t even know why or when they were ingrained in your mind.

The challenge is to find the negative ones and fix them. Here are just a few.

>>> Lack of trusting other people.

>>> Living paycheck to paycheck.

>>> Unbalanced or unfilled life.

>>> Bad temper and spirit of anger.

>>> Addictions.

>>> Repeatedly getting into bad relationships.

>>> Shy and introverted.

>>> Feelings of unworthiness 

>>> Always having to impress others.

>>> Can’t shut up and talk more than you listen.

>>> Always having to be the center of attention.

>>> Playing it safe causes limited results in life.

>>> Being rude to other people.

You get my point. 

I remember going on a date once with a single mother. She told me that I had to remove the jacket I was wearing because it reminded her of a jacket her ex-husband wore. Really! 

I wanted to say to her, ‘Guess we’ll never have sex as I’m sure you’ve done that before. Oh, and don’t you have kids from someone else? What are we going to do with them?  Sure, I’ll never wear this jacket again!’  lol

No second date there! :)

There was a lady I helped at one of my seminars in Canada. In short, here is what happened.

Her grandfather would visit and give both her and her brother a few dollars to buy whatever they wanted at the candy store.

As she got a little older she grew to understand the value of money. Grandpa comes back again for another visit and gives them both a few dollars. 

Her brother is all excited but now she isn’t. She looks at the money and reasons, ‘Is this all I’m worth?’ Her life was chained (changed) forever from that moment.

Here now is a woman at my event in her forties who constantly feels worthless.

What has you chained? You have very obvious things and not so obvious that are potent to you that you might not even be aware of.  If you don’t think so, ask a close friend or loved one.

There is nothing I enjoy more than emotional freedom. I can’t even describe how powerful and amazing it is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always cleaning out my emotional hard drive.

Here is how you get there. Remember first that YOU CAN’T CHANGE WHAT YOU DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE!

Once you acknowledge the chain or rope that has been tied to the stake, get help and figure out how to remove it.

If you’ve ever seen some of my work on television, online, or at my live events, you know that these behaviors can be changed as fast as they were created.

Clean out your emotional hard drive NOW! You’ll be glad you did!

(Please share this for me and comment as well.) I’ve shared a link in the comments if you’d like more information.



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