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Ways To Control Your Own Destiny

It’s all about the ways to control your own destiny- especially if you are in sales. You may be looking for ways of effectively controlling your destiny, the answers lie within you. You are the only one who can control your own destiny! Question is, will you master your destiny or will you let it reign over you?  

Controlling destiny- this is one area many people in sales screw up. For instance, as a sales person, calling potential customers is a necessary part of the job. A mistake that many sales people do is that, after they have called the potential customer, the sales personal expect the potential customer to contact them back. If that is the case, you’re setting yourself up for failure. It is your responsibility to call them back; after all, you’re the one working on the commission. 

It is important that you use common sense if you want to successfully control your own destiny. At times, there will be exceptions when you will expect them to call you back; but in most cases, you will want to take control by calling them back. Most potential customers will not contact you even after getting a message from you. DO NOT ever expect them to call you back. It is your responsibility, even after you have left a message, to always call back.

Follow through is one of the key things you will need to embrace to effectively control your own destiny in life and in sales. The lack of follow through always gives way to excuses like; I called a couple of times they never called back. That is where all the problems start. By not following through and being persistent you do not take control of your destiny.

It’s time to take control of your destiny; don’t expect your clients or customers in most cases to call you back. If you have made contact and they haven’t called you back, be ready to call back over and over again. Don’t give up, take charge, control your own destiny and watch as success comes rolling in.