Self Esteem Activities:  #4

I sometimes think the number one reasons why people emotionally react in negative way especially in very close relationships. Usually due to unresolved issues. Unresolved issues can plague every a part of your life to the point of almost being haunting. If you’ve been dealing with something from the past but have not come to terms in dealing with it, it can infiltrate your function of life, your home lifestyle and your relationships.unresolved issues

Here is an example, let’s say you are involved in a relationship and that you don’t feel equally loved or cared for back. You approach your significant other or loved one and express your concerns in a kind and concerned way like, “Dear, I don’t feel that I’m getting enough love or attention from you lately.” And that person just blows up at you and loses all control because you have shared your concern with them.

The first issue: They just chastised you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. That’s a bad thing. Why? Simply because the next situation you desire to express with them on how you feel about a situation, you’re going to keep it to yourself. Now that belief will actually fester and that is not a good thing. That problem needs to be resolved.

But why did they react in such a negative way? Why did they blow up? Maybe you do it as well too. We think that’s the problem. “Here I’m trying to share something and then you blow up”. Well it seems like a problem but when you think about it it’s actually a symptom of something a lot deeper.

There’s something in that person’s emotional hard drive that causes them to feel this way and respond in such a negative way, an unresolved issue. An issue that they are also possibly feeling. To give an example in this particular situation is maybe they have negative feelings of abandonment, a death in the family, a divorce are some possibilities.

I hope you look at your past and resolve the issues you have not come to terms with. Otherwise it can cause damage of your self-image, self-esteem and the list can go on and on.





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