Self-Esteem Discovering the Perfect You – Audio Download with Workbook


Self-Esteem Discovering the Perfect You – Audio Download with Workbook

(6 MP3 Audio and Workbook PDF)


Module 1:
Identifies the “roots” as to WHY you have these negative thoughts.

  • Learn which of the the 27 Most Common Feelings of Inadequacy are affecting you most and how to start taking back control of each one of them instantly.
  • Correlate your strongest Feelings of Inadequacy back to specific “bad” or negative experiences, so you can consciously understand and acknowledge where these disruptive feelings stem from.

Module 2:
You’ll learn to banish your Limiting Beliefs.

  • How you are unknowingly REWARDING your negative thoughts, and accidentally strengthening them.
  • How to transform each limiting belief into a feeling of intense EMPOWERMENT, and flip the “mind-switch” to a new positive way of thinking.

Module 3:
Pushes You to take a bold step and Confront your Negative Situations!

  • Identifying the right words and actions which supply you with confidence and determination to address ANY negative situation head-on.
  • Carefully and strategically crafting a “Counter-Attack” against your own thoughts - (a method that prevents you from Taking the Path of Least Resistance back into those negative, dangerous feelings.)

Module 4:
Take your newly-formed Empowered beliefs and turn them into achievable goals!

  • When you master this KEY concept, you’ll unlock the power to map out the life you truly desire...with with NO limitations!

Module 5:
Real-life recorded consultation of 2 people that have been burdened by trauma in their lives

  • Listen to REAL people, living in the REAL world, with REAL & valid challenges.
  • Listen in on the process, and understand how it works, and how to apply it.
  • In fact, 1 lady in module 5 had been on a bunch of medications for seven years, and after just ONE consultation, she was able to safely stop her meds. Keep in mind, this was her situation. I’m not saying that can (or should) happen every time, but I will say this...
    If you can master your thoughts, and use them to propel you forward instead of holding you back….AMAZING things can happen.

Module 6:
Maps out the much-needed Healing Process...

  • The exact 5-Step Process I use with my clients that allows them to Heal & MOVE ON...
  • THREE poisonous questions you must NEVER ask, these questions will only spark more conflict, and do more damage than good.