Persistence – What It Really Means!


Persistence – What It Really Means!

I am sure you will agree that if there is one key ingredient to being successful at anything, it’s being persistent. What I love about being persistent is that you don’t have to be smart or have some special talent.

CD 1 - 
I will start off focusing on two key points in this session. The first is what you can do to maintain a persistent mind set and how to continue improving in this area.
I will focus on a key benefit that being persistent will give you. Once you have this mastered you will see results immediately.

CD 2 -
To continue to be successful at anything it’s important that we maintain a level of drive and enthusiasm. This is incredibly important.

CD 3 -
If you don’t have the right mind set while trying to be persistent you could be setting yourself up for failure. I remember when the thought of being a failure used to consume my thoughts. Who wants to keep moving forward when they feel like a failure? I know I don’t!

CD 4 - 

Have you ever said something like, “When it rains it pours”? Sure you have! This is a sure killer to any persistent attitude you might have. Do you ever hear people saying statements like this when things are going their way? Certainly not!

CD 5 - 

One thing that used to make it very difficult for me to move forward was the fact that so many things I tried seemed to fail. Nothing ever seemed to work for me. I wanted to figure out a way to stop these thoughts and feelings from controlling me.

CD 6 - 
We can often feel as if we are the only one going through our own individual problems, causing us to feel lonely and lose drive.