Mastering the Art of Follow Through – Audio Program & Workbook


Mastering the Art of Follow Through – Audio Program & Workbook

If you are like most people you have Dreams. Ideas. Goals. Things that you have always told yourself you will do – lose weight, change careers, learn a language – yet these dreams, ideas, and goals have never materialized. Do you know why?

Session 1 CD 1

Before we set goals we must first learn to identify any thought or pattern that may slow us down. Here are only a few samples of what to expect in CD 1.

Session 2 CD 2

Beginning with session 2, you will review each evaluation question from the previous session to see how well you did and determine your strengths are weaknesses.Session 2’s first evaluation is “How much of a Never Give Up attitude do I possess?” Next I will start showing you how passion will play a role
in your success.

Session 3 CD 3

Session 3 continues assisting you to identify your passions. Do you know how to identify your passions? Our passions are like a fire. If they are not fueled they will go out. In this session, you will learn to identify your passions and more importantly how to keep them lit.

Session 4 CD 4

Staying focused and on track is a must in attaining our goals.Mastering the Art of Follow through this session you will look back on your evaluation and see how focused you really are. You’ll learn and develop techniques that will keep you very focused and on track of whatever you goals are.

Session 5 CD 5

If we are easily controlled by external stimuli we will be very wishy-washy in our results. This is better known as the yo-yo syndrome. You start something, and then stop – back and forth, back and forth. You’ll learn to master the most effective way to prevent this from happening by not letting “other people or things rent space in your head.”

Session 6 CD 6

Developing a healthy view of oneself is vital for a happy and successful life. If we haven’t created the proper perceptions we’ll consistently feel that we have to be accepted by other people.

Session 7 CD 7

Each of us is the sum total of our life experiences. Some are bad and others are good! At times, if we are not careful, we tend to only focus on the negative aspects of our lives. It is almost natural to feel this way.

Session 8 CD 8

I am a firm believer in the importance of helping other people. How and what you do to help others makes a difference on how fulfilled you feel. You learn what it takes to make your life more fulfilling just by applying a few simple ideas that I share with you in this session.

Session 9 CD 9

Some people, when working toward their goals, may begin to feel uncomfortable with their success. The next step for many is to self-sabotage their success whether it is large or small. They may ruin everything that they’ve worked for because they may feel they no longer deserve it. The principle of why this happens and how to control it is covered in this session.

Session 10 CD 10

Perhaps the number one factor that slows us down or stops us from attaining our goals is FEAR. Whether it is fear of rejection, fear of failure, or fear of success. These fears must be controlled if we are to be effective at making our goals a reality. I am going to go over some specific step-by-step ways on how to accomplish this. In this session, I will share my four-step process as I apply it to handling the fear of success. This process can also be used to master other fears in your life that you want more control over.

Session 11 CD 11

You will note that throughout the previous sessions I slowly started introducing specific ways to set your goals as you first master your evaluation on Session 1. In this session, you will conclude the 9-step process that I have developed for setting goals. You’ll be given detailed instructions that will give you the results you want as you master your evaluation, while at the same time setting your goals. This session asks a lot of thought provoking questions and gets you to reevaluate the way you look at yourself, your life, relationships and how you set your goals.

Session 12 CD 12

This session is a time for review. This is the CD you’ll want to pop in every few months just to make sure you are on track. As you are reminded of what each session was about, go back to the specific sessions that you might need more than just quick reminder on. This way you will continue to Master the Art of Follow Through!