There comes a time when in life you must adjust your values system. For example, when we’re kids our most important value is ‘FUN’.

Well if we don’t change that as we get older life won’t be fun because bills have to be paid, close friends and family need our love, attention and support.

I’m having to personally make some huge shifts in my value system. In today’s video I share with you why and why you need to do this as well.

In this video, I’ll also share how this may be affecting you

I’d love to spend more one on one time with you. It’s part of my value shift.

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About the Author:

Gary Coxe

Gary has helped thousands to break through their self-imposed limitations! His work have been featured on numerous programs including: The View, Inside Edition, The Nate Berkus Show; and you may have seen him recently, as a regular, on Dr. Phil’s show, The Doctors.

Most of us need to address what’s stuck in our emotional hard drive. Once we get out of own way, we can move forward fiercely, and take massive action toward our goals and dreams.