That’s right, to have more success we often have to do things that are counterintuitive. In other words, we have to totally do the opposite of what a situation might bring us.

No question about it, it’s one of the reasons that make success hard at times.

I recently went to the zoo and I came up on a Moray Eel. Have you ever seen one in the ocean wild before?

The moment I saw this one at the zoo, I had a quick flashback from when I did my scuba diving course.

We were taught what to do if bitten by the needle-sharp teeth of a Moray Eel. You’re not going to believe what we were taught. I’ll share it with you in today’s video of course.

The principle on how to handle a situation of being bitten by a moray eel is pretty much the exact same way you need to handle huge real life challenges.

Let me know what you think and how well you handle huge problems after you watch today’s video.

By the way, when you don’t have direction in your life and business you’ll feel like you’re trying to bunch a bunching bag in the dark, we can work ONE-on-ONE! It’s hit and miss. Life and business shouldn’t be that way.

Let’s get some light on the subject and click here to work with Gary.

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