The Secrets to Your Destiny

At the beginning of every year people naturally get that “New Year” feeling which often causes excitement and a renewed spirit to re-evaluate goals and priorities. But more often than not that excitement can be very short lived, which often leads to disappointment.



At the beginning of every year, people naturally get that “New Year” feeling which often causes excitement and a renewed spirit to re-evaluate goals and priorities. But more often than not that excitement can be very short-lived, which often leads to disappointment. How would you like to learn the techniques and strategies to maintain that excitement and the ability to take action all year long no matter what gets in your way?

Session 1 AUDIO 1

The first session focuses on learning and developing the skills necessary to take total control of your life. You will take a personal inventory in seven specific areas: financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, family time, relationships, health, and diet.

Session 1 AUDIO 2

After each main session, I choose a few exclusive members of this program to ask any question that pertained to the previous session. Listening to me explain my techniques is one thing but getting to listen in to a private, one on one consultation gives you much greater incite on the topic of discussion at hand.

Session 2 AUDIO 1

Knowing what to do to improve in any area of life is one thing. Getting ourselves to move forward is another. I answer the proverbial question, “Why can’t I be consistent toward my goals?” A very detailed explanation is given so that you can learn how to solve the problem.

Session 2 AUDIO 2

You’ll listen in on some ‘ah ha’ moments in this consultation. One of the barriers to success for the lady in this particular session was that she had grown up with negative associations towards making money and success. As you listen in you will begin to identify some of your own negative associations that are slowing you down financially or changing the way you view success. If you change the association to how you view success you’ll empower yourself to take immediate action towards your goals.

Session 3 AUDIO 1

Consistently maintaining a high motivation level is truly an art. One of the goals in this session is to learn how to do this without enduring a constant struggle, especially when things don’t go they way you expect them to.

Session 3 AUDIO 2

I’ve involved two participants in this question and answer session. The first participant shares that she gets excited and motivated about certain projects but soon finds herself falling back into a comfort zone. This is a challenge that everyone can relate with. It’s a recipe for failure!

Session 4 AUDIO 1

There is something to be said about having a tremendous amount of control in our lives. It is important to have healthy control, which makes us feel as though we are captain of our own ship – not necessarily in control of other people or things.

Session 4 AUDIO 2

Listen in to this one on one consultation as I direct a client in performing the specific step by step strategies offered in the previous session. Like many people, this client is overwhelmed to the point that she feels her life has no specific direction and she’s not sure how to get off the merry-go-round.

Session 5 AUDIO 1

My experience shows that people are their worst enemies when it comes to creating financial wealth. Limited thinking is by far the number one area that stops them from creating wealth.

Session 5 AUDIO 2

This is a very powerful session. I have chosen two individuals to help with their financial challenges. You get to listen in on how I guide them through some of their most difficult times. If you’ve ever felt that you were buried in debt, overwhelmed financially, working from paycheck to paycheck, can’t figure out where to start and don’t seem to be getting anywhere, you’ll want to pay attention to this session.


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The Secrets to Your Destiny

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