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  • Millionaire Mentors Series 20 CD Program
  • Mastering the Art of Follow Through – 12 CD Set
  • Persistence What It Really Means – 6 CD Set
  • Selling Advantage
  • Self-Esteem Discovering the Perfect You – 6 CD Set and 24 Page Supplement Guide
  • Lose Fat, Stay Full, Never Quit – 2 CD Set
  • Don’t Let Other’s Rent Space in Your Head – CD – 6 CD Set


You Can’t Fillet a Nibble…It’s the Catch that Counts!-CD – $14.97 Value

Millionaire Mentor Gold Membership Access – $997 Value

One to Three Hours Small Group Coaching – $997 Value



Mastering the Art of Follow Through
If you are like most people you have Dreams. Ideas. Goals. Things that you have always told yourself you will do – lose weight, change careers, learn a language – yet these dreams, ideas, and goals have never materialized. Do you know why?

You Can’t Fillet a Nibble…It’s the Catch that Counts!
When someone shows an interest in your opportunity, you feel hopeful for that nibble to become a catch; but you can’t fillet a nibble. This book will help you turn that nibble into a catch! Gary reveals the tools he has used for decades to effectively close sales. His step-by-step, no-nonsense approach will make a dramatic difference in how you approach your selling proposition and increase your sales. Get ready to take your business, income, and life to a whole new level. You’ll learn how to create an incredible, never give up attitude, and understand the psychology behind why we have challenges with following through… and how to take massive action toward goals while being incredibly persistent. Most importantly, you’ll have a blueprint to help you master the challenges that will bring you measurable results. It’s time for you to reel in more customers and turn your nibble into a catch, every time.

Persistence – What It Really Means!
I am sure you will agree that if there is one key ingredient to being successful at anything, it’s being persistent. What I love about being persistent is that you don’t have to be smart or have some special talent.

Don’t Let Other’s Rent Space in Your Head
“Forget results, forget motivation, forget positive thinking,” warns Coxe. “That sort of thinking only leads to a yo-yo syndrome and prompts individuals to seek out quick fixes, leaving them ill-equipped to deal with the failures we are all certain to experience.” Instead of just trying to pump up his audience, Coxe shares his Four-Step Process that works to rewire the brain, breaking our addiction to immediate gratification and replacing it with a richer level of emotional control and a greater appreciation for the process and journey of success.


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Package 1 Product Bundle

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