Hey. I’m out here doing the skydiving thing. I’m taking crazy people up who are jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.

But you know what’s interesting when I come out here and I watch people … You see the people here that are facing their fears. But what’s so cool about it is even though they’re still rewarding the negative behavior, it’s interesting before they go up, their behaviors like freaking out, the heart rate is increasing. She’s saying, “Yeah. I know what you’re talking about.”

But when they’re done, the exhilaration is incredible. There’s a huge lesson here. Whether you want to jump out of an airplane or not is not the story, and it’s irrelevant. The thing is, is when you have any kind of fear, all you’re freaking focusing on is the now, the crap, the pain, the what-ifs.

But when everybody comes out, they jump. They land. Man, they’re just all excited and happy. You’ve gotta begin with the end in mind. Begin with the end in mind. And this is a process that you do consistently when you are focusing on pushing through limitations, getting to the next result.

If you’re always focusing on the pain, the frustration, the crap that you are experiencing, and you never think about the, “Wow. This was cool. Look at the exhilarating feeling I have coming out of the airplane.” All those things are so important that you’ve got to be thinking about that.

So think about the start with the end in mind because the end is always better than the start, the middle, the one-quarter of the way. And … Are you ready? She’s excited. She’s gonna be even more excited when she gets down.

Hey, I’m out of here. Break through your limitations. Focus on the end. Between now and the next time we get to chat, you know what to do.