How you view your world will reveal much about you. What is it saying about you?

Our happiness and our quality of life will often depend on how you look at things. My simple question to you then is, ‘How do you look at things?’

Here is how this would work. I’m going to ask you a number of questions and the answer you give will reveal a lot about you.

People are….?

You will in the blank now. Here are a number of different answers I get and how they reveal a lot about the person who answered them.

People are ‘untrustworthy’.

People are ‘what life is about’.

What do you think it would reveal about someone who believes that people are untrustworthy?

That one word will say volumes about a person.

I’ll get to the chicken poop in a minutes. lol

A person whose overall view of people is that they are untrustworthy will never emotionally let people into their lives.

They will always first think the worst of someone. They often never let go of their past issues due to a circumstance that created this viewpoint for them and I could go on and on viewpoint.

On the other hand, someone who believes people are ‘what life is about’ have a totally different view point. You can obviously see the difference.

I’ll list a few statements that you can fill in the blanks and start revealing things about yourself. Once you do that your goal is to see if the revelation is health and does it line up with your goals in life and does it create fulfillment and happiness.

Money is …….?

The world is ….?

Success is ….?

The government is …?

Rich people are …?

Now let’s discuss the chicken poop. I met a guy years ago whose thinking was so very far off. If you were to ask him to fill in the blank for the last statement, ‘Rich people are ….?’ His answer would be ‘crooks’.

He believed the only way a person could become financially rich is to be a crook. That was his model or perception of rich people.

He despised rich people. Why? Because in his mind they are all crooks and he doesn’t like crooks.

And take a guess what he did for a living? You guessed it. He lived on a chicken farm and cleaned the poop. The trailer he lived in with his wife and kids was well be low the poverty level. The place was filthy. 

Please don’t get me wrong. I am by no means trying to come across as being judgmental but he will always live this way and will never change his life until his view of money and rich people change.

This would keep him from trying to make more money and keep him from creating a better life for himself and his family for fear of becoming rich or doing things that in his mind rich people do, like save and invest money.

Now let’s leave the chicken poop alone and focus on you. What did the answers you gave to the above questions reveal about you?

Are there some adjustments you might need to make in how you answered some of them?

Perhaps you can create your own fill in the blank statements. Have fun with it as you learn more about you!

NOW – What will you do to make sure you are no longer picking up chicken poop??
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Are you picking up chicken poop for a living? What’s it saying about you?

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