Do you see the world as binary or are you still a kid at heart? When did some of that wonder lose it’s luster?

My question to you is when and how old were you when you lost your imagination?

In today’s video, with the help of a special guest, I’ll share with you the importance of imagination and what kind of mindset it takes to cultivate it.

As kids we have an imagination but there’s a point when we get older we lose the imagination and that’s the sad part you know we’ve got to learn to be like a kid as much as we possibly can

Kids don’t know they have such a great imagination, they don’t even know it’s an imagination because to them, its real!

Don’t lose your imagination. Have fun! Be playful! Be child-like! it’s a good thing to do.

Till tomorrow remember, don’t let anything or anyone rent space in your head.

I’d love to spend more one on one time with you and talk about your imagination.

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Have an awesome day!