Most entrepreneurs will tell you they want to increase their sales. You do as well, right?

There are many ways to do this but today I want to share with you one of the basics that everyone knows but many just won’t do it to the level of success they claim they are after.

What is it? Leads equal sales. Let me repeat that! Leads equal sales.

What are you doing to generate as many leads as possible and then how are you working on converting them to sales?  I have coached so many people and I obverse that many business owners will try to do anything they can to keep from making phone calls or trying an on line system. 

Yet they’ll complain that business is bad when in fact they are busy just being busy. Not busy doing what I refer to as IPA. Income, Producing, Activity.

If I ever complain about sales my first thought is, ‘Leads. What are you doing to not only generate leads but close and convert them?’

There are so many ways to drive leads. TV commercials, on line ads, door to door, belly to belly, phone calls, promotional marketing campaigns and the list goes on.

If you don’t have a budget then you better get on the phones. While you are at it, quit convincing yourself that doing a live social media video with 5 viewers is going to do much to increase your sales.  Isn’t not!

Look at sales like a bicycle wheel.  A bicycle wheel gets its support from the spokes. It will collapse if it only has one or a few spokes. It has many and this is how the wheel keeps its shape and support. 

Doing a live video is only one spoke in the wheel. It’s not enough unless you have tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of engaged followers.

Your job is to borrow money or grow your sales to a point you can afford to add more spokes. No doubt you see the challenge.

This is costly and it doesn’t happen overnight.

If you only have one spoke it better be thick and strong. Trust me, it will wear out soon too!

If your spoke is making phone calls you better make a ton of them. 

When I would make calls and compete with my team I would make 60 to 100 calls a day manually. My record was 136 calls in one day.

If you worked for me and can’t do 60 dials a day you will never succeed with me in sales. Yep, ‘YOUR FIRED!’ I’m actually being serious 🙂

If you’re doing calls now as part of you lead generation plan or you know you should be doing them how many are you doing a day?  That will give you an idea of what your sales look like. Am I hitting a tender spot?

That number WILL REFLECT the sales you bring in. Stop complaining about your sales and focus on generating leads. Then focus on the closing of those sales.

Don’t get complacent. Add as many spokes in your business wheel as you possibly can and  keep those spokes tight.

Share with me in comments the type of spokes that would make up your sales wheel for your specific business. Which ones are you doing presently and which ones will you need to add as you grow your business? 

I’m looking forward to reading your comments.


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